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This site contains information on Global Warming, including links to the science, recommended books, and downloads.

Is Global Warming a serious problem?

  • The Hadley Centre forecast in 2006 that one third of the planet will be desert by 2100. The science has got much worse since then.
  • Recent studies published in Nature and Science now suggest that Sea Level will rise lies between 0.8 and 2.0M his century and eventually as much as 25M.
  • Hadley Centre is forecasting a “catastrophic” 5.5 – 7.1 degree global rise in temperature.
  • Unless you are very old or infirm there is a small but increasing chance you will be personally seriously affected. If you are still at school that becomes nearly certain.
  • Two degrees Celsius is the threshold which scientists (and recently world leaders at the G8 summit) have agreed we must not cross, for fear of triggering climate feedbacks which, once started, will be almost impossible to stop and will drive accelerated warming out of our control.
  • Many scientists believe we are already at a level likely to cause 2.0 to 2.4 degrees of warming and in May 2013 we have just passed 400ppm which brings a 25% chance of exceeding 2 degrees according to the Copenhagen Synthesis Report. More worryingly our emissions are accelerating. Please note that the CO2 concentration will decrease below the 400ppm level during the northern hemisphere summer when vegetation removes more CO2 from the atmosphere. There is less land area in the southern than the northern hemisphere causing this annual cycle.

What if I don’t think there is a problem?

  • You may have heard that the world is no longer warming or that it’s all due to cosmic rays. The Dissentients has more information on why you are probably being duped by someone paid by the existing energy industry.

What can I do?

  • Firstly persuade yourself that there is a real, serious and urgent problem. The Science contains a description of the predicted effects, quotes from climate scientists and industry, and more detail.
  • The most important action you can take is to help persuade your government to take drastic and immediate steps to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Time for Action? contains some suggestions for immediate and longer term action you can take.